Block Invaders

An XNA puzzle game inspired by Quarth.
An XNA puzzle game inspired by Quarth.

For my multimedia class I naturally chose to do a game for my final project. Video games are the most interesting multimedia applications to me because they deal with a wide range of multimedia issues and is presented in a cohesive package that provides a compelling interactive experience.

For my project, I decided to revisit an old classic I remember playing on the original Game Boy called Quarth. I attempted this for the DS Homebrew scene awhile back but didn’t get too far with it. This time I pretty much fully implemented the game. It just needs more content/stages and polishing. I haven’t release this onto Xbox Live Community Games yet because I also used the DirectShow Library for video play back, which won’t run on the Xbox 360. Another reason is that I definitely don’t feel this game is at a level where I would want to release it on XNA Community Games. Graphics and presentation would be the major parts I would work on.

Here’s the tutorial for the game:

I don’t know why I had such a hard time filming the tutorial. I get nervous I guess, and that leads to laughter.

For sound effects I recorded my own voice for comedic effect. For example when a block is shot, the sound effect is a “SSHEW” sound recorded from my voice. Similarly when a block collides with another block the sound effect is “PPUKK”. When a puzzle piece is cleared “KABLAM” can be clearly heard.

Working on this project was a lot of fun, and actually overkill for the course project.


  • XNA framework
  • DirectShow
  • C#

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