When In Doubt, Take The Next Small Step

I remember awhile back some indie devs warned me about post game depression. And well, after finishing up Pixel Blocked!, I experienced it as well. I felt lost for awhile, my sense of purpose was gone. I’d wake up and not know what to do. My finances were in terrible condition and my future was in doubt. Since then I’ve been keeping myself busy by taking little small steps here and there towards different projects.

I’ve started an amazing part-time teaching job at BrainBoost Education. I teach students programming through the process of making their own games. It’s not only a lot of fun seeing kids bring their creations to life, but also extremely rewarding. As my director would say, it’s fuel for the soul. Working again has also brought back a sense of financial stability to my life that I’ve desperately needed. More importantly it’s in a job that I enjoy and allows me to continue pursuing indie game development.

On the indie game development front, I can happily say that I’ve begun working on new and exciting projects of my own again. I have a wall full of ideas and even a long-term game project I feel really passionate about. Stay tuned, good things are coming…


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