Pixel Blocked! on Windows Phone 7

I’m still working on Pixel Blocked!. I’m quite happy with my current build of the Xbox version of the game and could submit it today, but I’ve decided to put it on hold while I focus on the Windows Phone 7 version of the game, as well as on advertising.

So far, the Windows phone 7 version of the game is going well. I’ve been able reuse a lot of my current code base. The big changes I’ve had to make so far are: replacing all of my Draw calls, re-writing my save-load system, handling touch input and re-sizing all of my front-end elements. Here’s the title-screen being rendered on the phone:

Here is the same title screen being rendered on the PC:

The Windows Phone version of the game uses the exact same content and about 90% of the code from the Xbox version. However, XNA on the Windows Phone currently doesn’t have support for custom effects. As a result, the game that is currently rendered on the phone uses a basic effect. For controls, I use a mix of on-screen buttons to move the player and shoot blocks, and finger swipes to rotate the puzzle. I’ll probably experiment with other control schemes once the game is fully functional on the phone. For my save-load manager, I had to switch from using Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Storage on the Xbox to using System.IO.IsolatedStorage on the Phone. Having to resize the front-end elements was the result of changing the resolution from 1280×720 on the Xbox to 800×480 for the Windows Phone.

Right now, I’m focusing on doing a straight port over from the Xbox version and having it fully functional on the Windows Phone. I then plan on tweaking the phone version so that it plays better. A few changes and additions I foresee having to make on the phone include having the game be playable while held vertically, making the fonts larger, adjusting the visual style and having the camera be a little closer to the puzzles.


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