What’s in a Title

Deciding on the title of the game was probably one of the hardest decisions I had to make. I guess it’s because if something’s not quite agreeable with me, I get a little anxious and keep thinking about how I can improve on it. At this point, though, I’ve decided to let it go. It’s Pixel Blocked! and it’s going to be a great game! 🙂

The title actually came about when an innocent friend of mine (who is from overseas) asked me what c***-blocked meant. After I eloquently explained the phrase to him, he shouted out “OMG I shot blocked myself!” while playing my game. And thus, the beginnings of a title was born.

Why Pixel Blocked!? What I like about it is that there’s lot of angles you could look at the title that would all describe the game. Each block in this game represents a pixel in a larger, more cohesive image. When solving a puzzle, you have to think about where you place your blocks in order to not block yourself off from filling in another empty place. The only time you screw up is if you incorrectly place a block where it doesn’t belong, or somewhere in the puzzle that hinders you from filling up another position. In essence, you’ve blocked yourself from completing the image.

I think it’s a fun title. It’s something you can say to yourself when you realize you’ve blocked yourself and something you can ask your friends, “Have you been pixel blocked?”. I want people to have fun with it. For example, as I was watching a Canucks game today I thought it’d be hilarious if I had a commercial where Roberto Luongo (the goalie) turned into a giant block every time a shot was taken on net – the other team was Pixel Blocked!.

What I didn’t quite like about the title when I initially made the decision was that the words on their own are quite generic terms. The words pixel and block are very common. I was worried that searches for the game would result in random things with pixels and blocks in them. I was also worried the game would be lost in a sea of games with the words pixel or block in their titles. However, those worries have disappeared lately. The top few results from a Google search of “Pixel Blocked!” currently refer to my actual game, and will lead you to this blog, as well as the debut trailer for this game I created back in February.


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