Sound Effects Are In :)

I can happily say that the majority of all the sound effects are now in the game. I used both Mixcraft 5 and SFXR to create my sound effects. Mixcraft 5 was really nice to work with when I was experimenting with creating my own music. However, that didn’t turn out too well :P. Instead, I’ve been searching for music that would fit well in my game (I have some in mind, and am currently figuring out licensing). I did manage to use Mixcraft for a lot of the sound effects you’ll hear in the various menus. For game play, all the sound effects generated were created from SFXR. It’s an excellent tool that can create random sound effects. You can also manipulate the various sliders to get the sound effect you’re looking for. At first, I thought I’d just use it to generate placeholder sound effects, but I ended up liking it so much that I might just keep the sound effects I generated today in the final product.


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