Camera… Shake It!

Lately I’ve been adding a lot more visual feedback for the user. In my game, “the goal is to place all the blocks in the proper places in order to complete the picture”. One particular problem I wanted to deal with was that the “Mistake” block didn’t seem like much of a mistake to the user. A mistake block is formed when the user places a block incorrectly that should not be a part of the picture. I got the idea of adding the camera shake after playing Fruit Ninja and noticing the camera shake whenever I hit the bomb. It was nice little visual cue to show the negative effects of the bomb. Here it is in my game:

An aural cue should complete the effect to let the user know that mistake blocks are bad.


2 thoughts on “Camera… Shake It!”

  1. Looking good and it adds more energy to the game.

    Don’t some puzzles require you to place blocks outside the puzzle squares to solve them? You could consider making the boundary box red or a text message to indicate there are excess blocks. Hmm what about flashing the mistake blocks? So many possibilities.

  2. Actually, all puzzles can be solved without using a single missile. There’s no need to ever purposely place blocks outside the puzzle. I really like the idea of making the boundary box red to indicate an excess of blocks. Thanks for the tip 🙂

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