Winnipeg is Indie

I was born and raised in Winnipeg MB and later moved out to Vancouver BC for University. I never realized how big of an indie game community Winnipeg had until recently. It’s actually really exciting and home to a lot of creative talent. They have the Winnitron 1000 which is an indie game arcade cabinet that travels around Winnipeg. It’ll debut the 2-player version of Canabalt which I played competitively with fellow co-workers while I was at Radical Entertainment. I’m definitely going to try and check it out when I’m back in Winnipeg during the holidays.

Another cool thing coming out of Winnipeg is Indie Game: The Movie. The filmmakers are from Winnipeg and they do these really great little videos about “video games, their creators and the craft”. Here’s an example of one they recently released:

I really love the way it’s shot and how well it captures the spirit of being indie. Makes me proud of what I’m doing and reassured that I made the right choice going indie.


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