Xbox Live Indie Games – Sketchy Tower Defense

Every once in awhile I like to go check out the latest indie games that are released. I’ll download several trials all at once and try them out one by one, analyzing each of them. It’s a really fun way to spend an afternoon. One particular game I came across and purchased is Sketchy Tower Defense. I’m definitely not new to the tower defense genre, games I’ve played or own include: Defense Grid: The Awakening, Ninja Town and Plants VS Zombies. However, even as an indie game, Sketchy Tower Defense still manages to feel fresh and unique with some small but innovative additions to the genre that I haven’t seen before.

It’s a little rough around the edges in terms of performance, UI and controls, but it definitely makes up for it in terms of gameplay and fun. It has an appealing art style and allows you to build towers anywhere, which lead to some very creative tower placements. The two things I think Sketchy Tower Defense does very well that add to the genre are it’s PVP and Co-op modes.

In PVP, each player gets their own land and faces off against the same waves of enemies. The goal is simply to live longer than you opponent. It’s an amazingly addictive mode as you get to see and compare how your opponent thinks, the tower choices they make and the placement of their towers. It’ll keep you coming back for more as you adjust your strategy each round or try new things to see who can out live the other. I personally paid 800MSP for Defense Grid and it didn’t have a mode like this. Ninja Town has a PVP mode but it’s hard to find other people with another copy of the game. Plants VS Zombies has as a PVP mode which has one player controlling the Plants and the other controlling the Zombies but it currently retails at 1200MSP on XBLA.  Sketchy Tower Defense on the other hand is 80MSP (roughly a dollar). It’s worth it simply for the PVP.

The co-op experience is also handled really well. One particular aspect I enjoyed was that money collected is split evenly between both players regardless of who collected it, which is unlike Plants VS Zombies where the player who collects the sunlight keeps it to themselves. Additionally because towers can be placed anywhere, it adds a deeper level of co-operation between players as you both try to design and converge paths for the various waves of enemies.


4 thoughts on “Xbox Live Indie Games – Sketchy Tower Defense”

  1. One bummer about the co-op on this game is that there is a flaw in the upper play area:

    A top row box on the grid in the upper quarter both cannot be built upon and cannot be passed through by the monsters. It’s a programming mistake, and it’s sort of a bummer.

    But overall, a great way to spend a dollar.

    1. Yea I noticed that when playing with a friend. We were trying to build the exact same strategy but realized that the box anomaly you described made the spaces unequal. Not a big deal. We still got more than a dollar’s worth of value out of the game.

      1. Its supposed to be like that, if you place a tower there you cannot build anymore, therefore there is a strategy behind it you idiots. Not a programming error. For a $1 game, i’d put it in my top ten games EVER. Period. The value you get well surpasses many $60 dollar games. Many nights me and my buddies sat 5 in a party and saw who could make it the farthest on Claustropbia. This game is great.

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