Gameplay Feedback and Difficulty With Sound

These past few days have been pretty crazy for me. I created more puzzle content, got more feedback and made some very difficult design decisions concerning gameplay. I’m still craving more feedback though. It’s been incredibly helpful getting some fresh eyes on the game. I don’t have a specific timeline of when I’ll get this game done, but I do know that the gameplay changes will cost me 1-2 weeks. However, I think it will be for the better.

Additionally I’ve been working on the Sound Manager for my game lately. I just recently realized how difficult it is to find that ‘right’ sound effect to go with my currently non-existent background music. It’s tough, and I’ve been stressing about it for awhile now. Nothing I put into the game seems to sound right. Maybe I’m just too picky. However, my current observation is that the acoustic guitar seems to best fit in with the ‘sketchy’ look of my game.


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