About Time…

I just finished implementing the Save-Load manager for the game, as well as the HUD manager and the Level Cleared screen. I also implemented a new type of puzzle block that should add a little more complexity to the puzzles. It’s called the crumble block and it breaks upon impact.

That means all the features necessary for gameplay are now implemented (except for audio). At this point I think I can start showing the game off to more people and getting feedback on gameplay. For the next while my focus will be on:

  • Audio – finding sound effects and music that will complement gameplay.
  • Content – creating compelling puzzles, enough for 50 levels with a nice ramp up in difficulty.
  • Performance – my goal is 720p at 60fps – which it currently fails at.
  • Bugs – gotta squish them all!
  • Visual tweaking/polishing – making the game look prettier.

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