Monthly Indie Meetup: The Importance of Audio

I’ve attended two Vancouver Monthy Indie Meetups so far and I find them very motivating. The people you meet are great, interesting and helpful. Each meetup has three speakers about various topics that are fun and laid back. There was one speech today that really hit home with me, it was about the importance of audio. The speaker mentioned a story about how when he added audio to a mini-game, it turned the game from something that was going to be tossed out into one of the best mini-games in the compilation. He suggested that audio is 50% of the game. I’m not sure if I agree with that, but I do now understand that audio is very important and can make a good game really great.

It’s kind of weird because a lot of times you don’t really think about the audio when playing a game. Unless it’s exceptional, audio rarely gets mentioned in game reviews. And yet, it brings so much more to the game, it immerses the player, triggers emotions, and complements the gameplay. So far, I have absolutely no audio whatsoever in my game. It’s not that I’m purposely ignoring it, but as a single developer it’s very difficult to work on so many things at once, and audio happened to be low on my priority list. After today it’s definitely moved up, and I’m going to be tackling it sooner than later.


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