Blocks On A Plane Game Concept

Back in July 2009 I started writing a design document for a game I had planned on creating after graduation. Needless to say I got a bit distracted. Anyways I found my old design document, it’s not fleshed out but I thought it’d be cool to share what I wrote down as the game concept. It’s the same game I’m working on now, except this time I plan on following through and seeing it on Xbox Live Indie Games :).

Game Concept:

The idea of the game is to formulate 8-bit esque pixel images by shooting and destroying blocks. The player starts off with an initial foundation for the image, and must build upon it to complete the picture.

Players control an Avatar at the bottom of the screen. They can move the avatar left and right, shoot out blocks, or destroy blocks along with rotating the base puzzle. To elaborate, the player has two types of shots, one shot to create a block where it lands, the other shot to destroy a block where it lands.

The goal is to place all the blocks in the proper places in order to complete the picture. You win when this is done. You get scored based on the time of completion and how many blocks you avoid destroying. Missed blocks will result in a time deduction.

Since then I’ve made some minor tweaks here and there but overall I would say my vision hasn’t changed all that much since I wrote the document.


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