Kinect Demo

Yesterday I attended a live demo of Kinect presented by the guys at BigPark and walked away impressed with the technology. However I don’t think the tech is at a stage where we’ll see games for the hardcore market. Kinect will generally be for the casual gamers. I do hope Microsoft exposes the library to XNA developers one day, I’d love to play around with it. I already have an idea I’d like to use it for šŸ™‚

Thats a picture of me trying out Joy Ride. It was more fun than I thought it would be, but the latency was definitely noticeable and the novelty of steering with my arms in the air wore off after the first race. I also tried Kinect Sports and all I have to say about it is that Wii Sports is still king. I really wanted to like the boxing in Kinect Sports, but it was unresponsive and buggy. Boxing is something I think translates well into a motion sensing game. In fact, the day they have a really good 1 to 1 motion sensing boxing game is probably the day hardcore players start adopting motion sensing.


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