NBA Elite 11

While I was at EA I worked on the frontend for the now cancelled NBA Elite 11. I didn’t really enjoy my time there, for many many reasons (which I won’t go into detail about).  So when I heard the game was delayed, I wasn’t too surprised. In fact, I thought it was a good decision on EA’s part. They recognized that the game had flaws and didn’t want to release a sub-par product. From what I played of it, I thought it had a lot of potential. The new control scheme worked well and playing 1 on 1 basketball with other coworkers was really fun. This coming from someone who doesn’t typically enjoy sports simulations.

What I am surprised about is EA outright cancelling the game and moving it to its Florida-based Tiburon studio.  Personally I think they should have continued development on NBA Elite 11, refine and perfected it, called it NBA Elite 12, and have it ready to kick ass for fall/winter 2011.


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