Hassle Comes Free

Turns out Dell can’t repair my laptop afterall, unless I shell out another 250 plus tax to get my motherboard replaced. This is on top of the 250 plust tax I already paid for the Hassle-Free Depot Repair. They diagnosed my laptop, I gave them the error codes, and they told me the hassle-free process of getting my GPU fixed was 250 plus tax. If I had known that they were going to charge me an additional 250 to replace the motherboard once I sent it in, I wouldn’t have sent it in! What a scam. I had to jump through so many hoops just to get everything sorted out. Simply terrible service.¬†Instead I’m getting my money refunded and my broken laptop returned. What a disapointment. I’ll be getting a new laptop, and it won’t be a Dell.


4 thoughts on “Hassle Comes Free”

  1. Wow… that sucks… darn my brother got a dell xps studio… with discrete graphics, and HP hasn’t been that good with the AMD proc. because they overheat, and never get Toshiba, had them at work and cousin had one the screen dies due to the video card, and Sony is overpriced for low specs… I guess there’s still a few left brands left. Lenovo! IBM Thinkpad with EPP :). Asus? Acer? LG? Samsung? Fujitsu? MSI? Gateway? and some random brands.

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