I finally sent my Laptop to Dell.

Here’s what happened so far:

I call Dell Expired Warranty Services. They hook me up with Hassle-Free Depot Repair, costs 249 plus tax, includes diagnostic, troubleshooting, boxes, shipping cost to and from the depot, repair and replacement of all parts except Motherboard and LCD. Turns out I don’t have to replace my motherboard, and only my GPU needs fixing/replacing.

I wait a week, and I still haven’t received the coffin I’m suppose to send my laptop in. I call Dell Support, end up talking for over 2 hours only to find out they somehow sent the box/coffin to Halifax? How is this hassle-free like they advertised? Anyways after another hour of talking they finally send me another coffin, which I received the day after my call, and sent in today. The most annoying part was that I was transferred to different callers 5 times, had to explain myself over and over, and deal with people that barely spoke english.

Hopefully I won’t run into any issues when they send my fixed Laptop back. Dell has reassured me it won’t get sent to Halifax again.


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