My laptop is dead…

At precisely 10:10pm Monday June 22nd, my laptop and only computer rendered it’s last pixel before the GPU died. True story, I was working on my Animation assignment for my CMPT 466 class and my friend and I were discussing whether or not it was possible to deform a cube so that it would become a concave object. To be able to visualize it better I opened up Blender and rotated the top 4 vertices 90 degrees. Just as I finished my screen began flickering with rainbow colours and it wouldn’t stop. I turned off my laptop and turn it back on only to realize that the GPU stopped working. It won’t display anything.

I have a Dell XPS1210 with a discrete graphics card, the GeForce Go 7400. I haven’t contacted Dell yet to see what the cost of fixing it is, but from what I understand, the graphics card is soldered onto the motherboard, so replacing it will require replacement of the whole motherboard including the CPU. I’m not too intent on getting a new laptop or desktop yet, so hopefully getting it fixed won’t put too much of a dent on my wallet.

On the bright side, I was able to remove the hardrive and  put it into an enclosure to use as a portable hardrive so that I could finish my assignment.


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