Let the Games Begin!

I’m now ready to actually start work on my XNA game. This past month and a half I’ve been experimenting with XNA, going through tutorials, programming, and most importantly learning. I built my first 3D XNA demo. In the demo I loaded different models that I created in Blender, implemented a pretty decent camera system, calculated collision detection, learned about HLSL syntax and implemented a particle engine that procedurally generates rainbow coloured explosions. A lot of the work I’ve done in the demo I think I’ll be able to reuse when it comes time to implementing my game.

I already have an idea of the game I want to implement. In my head it seems fun and awesome. However, in practice that’s a whole different story. I’m going to start by writing it down into a short design document and getting feedback from the Game Developers Club at SFU as well as playing a mock-up of the game on paper with close friends. Check back for updates!


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