XNA Resources

If you’re a univerisity student at Simon Fraser, there’s a ton of XNA material available to you for free in the library. Just searching XNA in the online catalogue yeilds these results. Notice that the first 3 books “Zune Game Development using XNA 3.0”, “Learning XNA 3.0” and “Microsoft XNA Game Studio 3.o Unleashed” are available for online access. Another good source for learning XNA are the XNA Community forums. It was really helpful for when I was dealing with issues I had with exporting Blender models to XNA.


2 thoughts on “XNA Resources”

  1. Have you checked out the library’s 24×7 and Safari resources? I was surprised to find out that they existed, but DARN they’re the most useful things in the universe sometimes.

    1. Hey Curtis,
      I didn’t know either of them existed until I did a quick search. I just checked them out and it’s really awesome. Thanks!

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