Blendering Blunders

I’ve been spending a lot of time trying to export models from Blender into .X files. I thought it would be trivial, but there’s actually a lot of complications that aren’t obvious. For one, Blender has the up-axis as the Z-axis instead of it being the Y-axis (like in OpenGL and XNA). This will lead to problems when exporting your models, and will cause further complications when you do transformations in XNA. To alleviate this just re-orient your model so that the Y-axis is your up-axis.

When exporting to .X, make sure you apply all modifications and export in the right-handed coordinate system which is what XNA uses. If you don’t, Blender will silently fail when exporting to .X so you won’t know the file is incorrect until you try loading the file and to compound that problem XNA won’t tell you why it failed to load the file. Anyways I’m pretty happy I got that all sorted out.

Now back to programming…


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