Day 1

I’ve officially started work on my XNA game today. I’m still not sure how much work I plan on doing each day, but I’d like to to consider this a part-time job and treat it as such. I’ll be working on it Monday-Tuesday and Thursday-Friday (trying for 9am-5pm). Wednesday’s I have class at Simon Fraser University and will be at school for most of the day.

Work Environment

This is my work environment. It’s a small desk, but I have a pretty decent sized monitor (24 inches). I’m using Windows 7 RC, Visual Studio 2008 and of course XNA Game Studio 3.0. Everything is running on my laptop which is a Dell XPS 1210. I think the most important part of my work environment is having a good chair. It has tons of adjustment options and great back support. You’ll definitely need one, or likely suffer back problems later on. Mine was bought used at an office furniture store for $120. It sort of looks like Ergonomic Task Chair 5101 from Yaletown Office Furniture, but my arm handles have more adjustment features.

My bed is to the left, so I’ll have to fight the urge to go back to sleep every morning if I want to get stuff done.


2 thoughts on “Day 1”

  1. Nice setup. I’d recommend getting a whiteboard and a mini fridge or even better a mini fridge AS a whiteboard. I’m looking forward to your progress.

  2. Yea definitely, a whiteboard would be a great addition to my current setup. I’m actually going to check out Staples today for a whiteboard. It’ll be pretty sweet once I have it up on the right wall.

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